I Love You #1-9

This work was made for "#IMPACT: The Future is Inclusive" exhibition at Art and Design Gallery at Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC (February 12 - March 5, 2019).

I asked nine New Yorkers to say "I love you" in their native languages: Arabic, English, German, Hindu, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. I believe that this project represents the wonderful "melting pot" culture of New York which makes this city so special.

I hope to keep expanding this collection of recordings by adding more languages spoken in NYC.

6 Brooches and 3 necklaces
Material: Sterling silver, 18k yellow gold, stainless steel (for pin)

You can see the video here.  https://vimeo.com/330834094



1981 ATARI Ring

This man's ring features a precise cast of the original Atari computer chip out of 18 karat gold.

Available in 18 karat gold
Edition of 10

Year 2008

First Waveform Series (2007)

These are my first series of waveform jewelry made for an art exhibition.

“Waveform Series” consists of laser-cut shapes of various sounds, rendered in silver, gold or other precious metals and presented as wearable jewelry.

Human expressions such as yawn, sneeze, or giggle were used for this project.
All works are laser-cut and hand fabricated.


Installation View: In the exhibition context this project included a DVD player and a monitor: the audience could enjoy both the object and the actual video of sound wave played back.

   Church Bell (Cuff Bracelet), silver, approx. 7x5,5cm oval, 3.7cm high

Giggle (Necklace): silver, 5 x45cm

 Yawn (Brooch) : silver, 8x3cm

Wow (Brooch): Oxidized silver, 9x4cm

Sneeze (Brooch): silver, 8.5x3cm

Left ear & Right ear (earrings), silver, 2x3.5cm

Left ear & Right ear (earrings): silver, dimension:2x3.5cm

art-jewelry-idea -beads

All possible ideas used for the work of art jewelry since the 60's are stamped (in some cases, it's divided into several beads).

Material: Silver
Dimension: Necklace form: 68cm (27insh) length
Beads: (various sizes): 14-27mm dia.

Year: 2006



This piece is a conceptual pun on the “HEAD” tag in HTML. Wearer’s actual head is placed between “open” and “close” tags.

The title is same as the one shown as the earings. the tag symbol cannot be displayed in the title above.


Textured finish

The tag symbol is not displayed properly in the title above because it is one of the code.


This is a physical representation of the HTML code needed to display a word "Jewelry" via internet browser. The tags were laser-cut out of sterling silver and connected as a necklace.

Available in silver or 18K gold
Year: 2006

The tag symbol is not displayed properly in the title above because it is one of the code.

Jewelmark Series (necklace/brooch, earrings)

Silhouette of traditional jewelry were hand-cut and connected, flexible to various shapes

Material: Rubber sheet, sterling silver

Year: 2005


Charm Bracelet Brooch

Charm bracelet has a strong commercial image as a souvenir or a gift in our times.
I made this piece for a curated exhibition "Charmed Lives" at Facèrè Jewelry Art Gallery in Seattle.
I tried to create a fresh image about this traditional jewelry form. I found its silhouette as a strong
decorative image. The flexible material, rubber adds the playfulness to it.

This piece was featured in the article, “Trinket to Talisman: Contemporary Charms”, by Vicki Halper, Metalsmith, vol.25 fall 2004

Material: rubber sheet , silver / hand cut

Dimension: 10x9 cm
Year: 2003

Color Circles (42 brooches)

I used flags of 189 countries (member states of the United Nations in 2002) and made 42 brooches.

(In 2018, 193 countries are member states of the United Nations and 2 countries are non-member observer states)

This piece is in collection of Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art.

Material: flags of 189 countries, rhodium plating on sterling silver (structure) and copper (the back of the discs). Stainless steel (pin back).

Dimension: 5 different sizes and 3 different shapes. 6x5.7cm, 4.6x4.3cm, 4x4cn, 4.2x3.7cm, 6x4cm
Year: 2002

Cover page of the German craft magazine,
January/February 2003

Flower and Stripes(brooch)

Material: military ribbons, silver / fabricated
Dimension: 5cm dia
Year: 2001

250g –weight of your heart (a set of 9 rings)

250gram is the average weight of human heart. We usually don’t think of the weight of our heart. Each ring has the same weight of a plants, an animal, a bird, a fish, or an insect. The wearer can experience the weight of each living thing on his/her finger as a ring. Adding the nine rings becomes 250g- the weight of a human heart.

Material: silver 950, framed photographic image 

Year: 1999



My waveform brooches "Wow" Sneeze" and "Yawn" are currently presented in "Out of Hand- Materializing the Postdigital"at Museum of Art and Design in NYC from October 16, 2013 to June 1, 2014.



My waveform brooches "Wow" Sneeze" and "Yawn" are added to the collection of Museum of Art and Design in NYC.

They will be a part of an exhibition "Wear it or Not - Recent Jewelry Acquisitions"
from Tuesday, March 12, 2013 to Sunday, June 2, 2013   

My waveform brooches were written up in The Daily Beast.com


Jewelry for Network Administrators

"Jewelry for Network Administrators" (2012) is a collaboration with the new media artist Marcin Ramocki. It consists of 12 wearable pieces of silver jewelry based on online diagrams of computer network topologies. It will be on display at Spazio Ultra (Udine, IT) until Jan. 19 2013. All pieces are available in small editions of 3.

Ring Topology Bracelet, 2012

Fully Connected Mesh Topology, brooch, 2012

Cloud Download and Upload Pins, 2012

Open Mesh Topology Necklace, 2012

Tree Topology Necklace, 2012


Server Farm Pendant, 2012                                                          Server and User Pin, 2012

Installation view of "Jewelry for Network Administrators" at Spazio Ultra.

Photography by Pierluigi Buttò
Special thanks to Stefano Monti, Chiara Moro and Pierluigi Buttò.


Waveform Ring by 3D printing (curved surface ring)

Now I make waveform ring with 3D printing and casting method instead of laser-cutting techniques.

This process allows me to create different ring design and thickness.

    This sample is 14karat white gold ring
    8mm wide / size 10.75 and 6.5mm wide / size 7


Waveform wedding ring (flat ring)

Waveform rings is available in silver, 18karat and 14Karat white, red, and yellow gold, and platinum.

Ring width: 6mm-8mm wide ( Wider ring is available by request)

from left:
Sterling silver ring, size 11-6.5mm wide
18K yellow gold ring, size 11 1/4 - 7.5mm wide
18K pink gold ring, size 6 1/4 - 6.5mm wide

You can record any words and phrases besides "I do".


"I Do" Wedding Band

Palladium (Male ring) and 18K yellow gold (female ring)

Custom made wedding bands with waveform of couple's own voices.
"I Do" Ring offers a unique opportunity to own a timeless representation of your partner's voice.

Any words can be recorded to make a ring.
Available in s18K and 14K gold and platinum.

100% recycled gold and precious metals are used for the rings.

This test pieces was made with a couple of 14K gold rings from my mother. I melted them.