Color Circles (42 brooches)

I used flags of 189 countries (member states of the United Nations in 2002) and made 42 brooches.

(In 2018, 193 countries are member states of the United Nations and 2 countries are non-member observer states)

This piece is in collection of Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art.

Material: flags of 189 countries, rhodium plating on sterling silver (structure) and copper (the back of the discs). Stainless steel (pin back).

Dimension: 5 different sizes and 3 different shapes. 6x5.7cm, 4.6x4.3cm, 4x4cn, 4.2x3.7cm, 6x4cm
Year: 2002

Cover page of the German craft magazine,
January/February 2003

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