Jewelry for Network Administrators

"Jewelry for Network Administrators" (2012) is a collaboration with the new media artist Marcin Ramocki. It consists of 12 wearable pieces of silver jewelry based on online diagrams of computer network topologies. It will be on display at Spazio Ultra (Udine, IT) until Jan. 19 2013. All pieces are available in small editions of 3.

Ring Topology Bracelet, 2012

Fully Connected Mesh Topology, brooch, 2012

Cloud Download and Upload Pins, 2012

Open Mesh Topology Necklace, 2012

Tree Topology Necklace, 2012


Server Farm Pendant, 2012                                                          Server and User Pin, 2012

Installation view of "Jewelry for Network Administrators" at Spazio Ultra.

Photography by Pierluigi Buttò
Special thanks to Stefano Monti, Chiara Moro and Pierluigi Buttò.

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