First Waveform Series (2007)

These are my first series of waveform jewelry made for an art exhibition.

“Waveform Series” consists of laser-cut shapes of various sounds, rendered in silver, gold or other precious metals and presented as wearable jewelry.

Human expressions such as yawn, sneeze, or giggle were used for this project.
All works are laser-cut and hand fabricated.


Installation View: In the exhibition context this project included a DVD player and a monitor: the audience could enjoy both the object and the actual video of sound wave played back.

   Church Bell (Cuff Bracelet), silver, approx. 7x5,5cm oval, 3.7cm high

Giggle (Necklace): silver, 5 x45cm

 Yawn (Brooch) : silver, 8x3cm

Wow (Brooch): Oxidized silver, 9x4cm

Sneeze (Brooch): silver, 8.5x3cm

Left ear & Right ear (earrings), silver, 2x3.5cm

Left ear & Right ear (earrings): silver, dimension:2x3.5cm

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