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About Waveform jewelry and custom wedding band

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­The Process

3D printing technology and casting method
Though I started to create waveform rings with laser-cutting techniques, now I make it with 3D printing technology and casting method. The benefit of this process is that a ring will be created as one piece, making it more durable for everyday wear as a wedding band.
This method allows creating different ring designs and adjusting thickness.

How to order waveform ring
-Please email me your sound file, ring size and deadline date. I will email you back with your 1st  design draft. (if     you have not received the recording instruction, I will email it to you.)

-If you are satisfied with your waveform shape, you will pay the deposit (1/2 of your ring amount). I will create your test rings and mail them to you. (it takes about two weeks to create your test rings.)

-After trying your test rings on, please tell me your final choice for the ring size and width. I will create your final draft and ask your proofing before making your actual ring.

-After your ring is created, I will email you the picture of your ring.
Your ring will be shipped after you pay the remaining balance and the shipping cost.

Ring designs

Three ring styles
Slightly curved ring (comfort fit)
Flat ring
Half round ring

- Slightly curved ring is possible to set 1.8mm diameter diamond or sapphire with additional cost
   To set 1 diamond- $65 , 2 diamonds- $105 
- Laser engraving or hand engraving are available with any font styles and sizes. Please ask for the estimate. It takes  a week. Laser engraving is more economical choice.


Ring width
For better visibility of your waveform, 6mm to 8.0mm width are recommended for wedding band.  Narrower or wider ring can be made by request. (Narrowest possible ring width is 5.5mm wide)
Available Material
18Karat white/ yellow/ Red / Pink gold, 14Karat white/ yellow/ Pink gold, 18k &14K palladium white gold (no nickel), platinum900, Silver

Material Hardness chart
18K white > 18K red/pink > 14K white >  Platinum 900 > 14K pink > 18K palladium white > 18K yellow & 14K yellow > 14K palladium white > silver

Finish regular ring is high polished inside and smooth finish (not so shiny) outside. Brushed finish is available.

Additional Information about the material
- In the US, regular white gold contains nickel. Palladium white gold is the alloy for people who have allergic reaction to nickel or have sensitive skin for metal. Palladium is a metal of platinum family. Please be advised that those who have skin sensitive to metal may experience reaction even to palladium.

- My 18k and 14K white gold is white color. (Some white gold alloys are yellowish color and often rhodium plated.)

- Silver is relatively soft metal compared to gold especially for my design that is not made by hammering or other hardening method. For wedding band, I recommend to choose gold over silver. Gold is harder and more durable for everyday-wear.

- Platinum 900 (90 % platinum 10% Iridium) is recommended over platinum 950 (95% platinum 5% ruthenium) for my waveform ring.  Pt900 is harder and better for the fine details of  a ring.
How long does it take?
Ordering your ring at least 2-3 months in advance is recommended. Please email me your deadline date for the possible schedule.

One of the reason is that I create three brass test rings and mail them to you to check the perfect size and fitting before making your actual ring. Another reason is possible technical problems- Sometimes the quality of a cast ring or the fine details of a waveform comes out not good and need to be re-print and re-cast, that would take additional one week or longer.

- I will be away for 3 weeks visiting my family in Japan in March, 2016. please email me at for the possible schedule.

Size sample rings (to check the perfect size and fitting)
I will mail you 3 brass rings of slight different size and width to check the perfect size and fitting before making the actual ring. You will see and feel the thickness, width, and the style of a ring before deciding your final choice. Shipping cost of the test rings is on me. These rings are blank rings without a waveform cut-out.

If you can’t decide the ring style, I can include different styles in your test rings.

Since my ring is wide, usually 1/4 US size bigger ring fits well for most of the people.
Checking your size with the test ring helps to avoid resizing your ring which is additionally complicated if you have any engravings on the ring.

Measuring your ring
The best way to get your ring size is going to your local jeweler to measure.

Finger expands a little bit in summer. If you are making your ring in winter, I recommend NOT making your size to fit tight

You can tell me your ring size in your country’s ring size system.

Methods of payment
Check, Credit cards (visa, or master), wire transfer, or Paypal are accepted. 
Only for NY State resident, 8.875% sales tax will be applied.

A deposit of 1/2 of the ring price will be asked to pay after you see your design draft.

Shipping cost
Shipping costs will be charged on your final bill. Please ask for accurate estimate with your address.

To download the price list- click the link:

                Half round ring price is same as curved ring price.

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